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Good Practices


Through an exchange of good practices and experiences at European level between the organizations involved, we shared and confronted ideas, practices and methods. The outcome of this activity was the common starting point to develop our intergenerational activities program and booklets with guidelines for implementation and replication.

Good Practices

These guidelines are intended to support Adult Educators to understand the context and pedagogical process of the Game On! Project. They focus on explaining the potential of Traditional Sports and Games and their importance in the different spheres of today’s life. Furthermore, their role in the promotion of European Cultural Heritage is also explored, as well as their relevance in fostering important dimensions, such as social inclusion, active ageing and positive intergenerational relations. Finally, these guidelines also intend to explain which dimensions contribute to achieving effective outcomes when working with groups, and how such contribution happens. 

(Click on the image to download)

The intension of this document is to transfer to Adult Educators some transversal knowledge supporting educators who will act as Facilitators  in the implementation of “Game On!” Program. The overall goal is to give a comprehensive introduction of these key concepts that each          Educator can further deepen according to their needs and interests. (Click on the image to download)

In order to explore what kind of projects tackling similar concepts to Game On! are being implemented troughout Europe, each partner in  the project made a research of national or international successful projects related to the topic of intergenerational activities, promotion of      European Cultural Heritage and/or Traditional Sports and Games. As a result, we have this presentation document with good practices        examples, from where we could have inspiring elements. (Click on the image to download)

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